Friday, January 25, 2013

a little background

i've always been pretty active & have played sports since i was little, so working out isn't too new to me. i could eat what i wanted, when i wanted all through high school. taco time crisp meat burrito was my go to almost every day. yiiiiikes. but you couldn't tell because i was just naturally thin. and then hair school happened and i stopped playing sports & started eating anything and everything from the vending machine (i know, disgusting). needless to say, i was the heaviest & unhealthiest i've ever been. i would work out occasionally, but i didn't know HOW to do the exercises correctly. which is probably the number one problem & most common reason why people don't like to lift weights.

anyway, it wasn't until july last year that i saw a post from jamie eason's fitness page about a trainer she was going to launch in august. i researched it on the website & printed all the meal requirements, some of her recipes, and all 84 days of workouts! i seperated them all into phases and got a binder to keep it all together. clearly, i was determined to get in shape!!

i brought the paper of whichever day it was with me to the gym with a pen. yep, i was that girl at the gym. carrying around her notes every where she goes. but i needed it for reference and to keep track of my progress! i didn't care what anyone at the gym thought of me, i was there for one reason.

i "checked-in" on facebook whenever i went to the gym, and i'm still not sorry about it, haha. it kept me accountable and motivated me. i know it made others curious and want to know more, & a lot of my friends started the trainer because of me & my 'annoying' posts. so i at least helped some people out!

my friend, alex, decided to jump on board with me for the entire 12 weeks. we were constantly texting and asking questions and sharing tips and recipes. it seriously helps SO MUCH if you have someone doing it with you. so much more motivation, support, & someone to hold you accountable for your clean eating and gym time!

anyway, i learned a lot during those 12 weeks. the program is designed to be split up into three 4 week phases. the first phase is for BUILDING MUSCLE. that is why you don't do ANY cardio. zero. none. zilch. i seriously cannot express enough how important that is. if you are trying to build muscle, your body needs to use all the calories consumed that day just for that. doing cardio will burn that hard earned muscle! all i can say is, stick to the program. IT WORKS!

these were my results the first time i did the livefit program. i had to watch the videos for almost every exercise to know how to do it with correct form. i learned a lot from this program. if you're looking for help in the gym (without an actual trainer with you. just a cyber one :) ) then this is my recomendation!

Friday, January 4, 2013


thought i would start a little blog to document my journey with jamie eason's livefit 12 week trainer. a lot of people ask me questions about it, so here's a place you can come to if you have questions or just want to stay motivated. we all need the motivation! especially me. i'll be posting my thoughts, struggles, & pictures throughout these next 12 weeks! i cannot wait to get back in shape & i promise this is the program to follow if you are looking to do the same.

i am already on day 3. so i'm a little behind but i'll catch up quick!

if you are going to join me in this journey, go here & it's all laid out for you!

if that picture doesn't motivate you, i don't know what will! some people may think she is too muscly, but i think muscle on women is sexy. and shows that you are strong & determined. to each their own, of course. everyone has their own fitness goals, so make yours & get started.